Welcome to the era of THE GOLDEN NUCLEOTIDE!

NAD+ Single Shot

500mg NAD+

Running time: 3 to 4 hours

NAD+ Single Shot Plus

500mg NAD+, with additional Glutathione,Vit C and Vit BCo

Running time: 4 hours

NAD+ 3-Day Super Boost


Do you need to push extra hours? Are you burning the candle at both ends? Are you running out of steam with a deadline looming ahead? Aimed at students during exam time, our corporate leaders, shift workers, professionals, frequent flyers, athletes or anyone falling behind in the rat race. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re desperate to regain your STAMINA, CONCENTRATION, FOCUS and MOTIVATION, this is the BOOST for you.

Includes x3 NAD+ 500mg infusions and a Supercharge drip; 3 drip sessions of 3 to 4 hours each, spaced over 5 days

NAD+ 5-Day Mega Boost


Includes x5 doses NAD+ 500mg, X2 Supercharge Drips; 5 drip sessions of 4 hours each, spaced over 10 day period

NAD+ Premier Detox

Price on enquiry

Are you caught up in the frustration of a bad habit, or are you trapped in the claws of a serious addiction? Either way, our PREMIER DETOX program is designed for all levels of substance overuse, abuse, or dependency. Alcohol, Cannabis, Cocaine, Tobacco or caffeine. In modern life, every single person will be exposed to at least one of the above. Not all will develop a dependency, but even occasional abuse of any substance can cause serious health problems.

Multi-day Premier detox includes

  • Medical examination
  • Dietician
  • NAD+ infusions
  • Glutathione infusions
  • Pabrinex infusions
  • Monthly booster sessions over 6 months from the start of treatment