Our Drips

At drip iv lounge our onsite doctor is there to understand your needs and requirements to allow your body to work at it its full potential with our wide variety of IV Drips.

For enquiries: Call Port Elizabeth 064 654 2302 or Cape Town 069 379 5228

Available Drips

Instant Immune Boost

200ml R650

During these difficult times, we have the drip to keep your immune system running at its optimum. High dose Vitamin C, with a dash of Glutathione.

Quick Charge

200ml R450

For a burst of energy containing the ever so popular vitamin’s B-12 and B-Complex with 200ml of sodium chloride.

Energy Boost

200 ml R690
1000ml R740

Ideal for exam time, month-end deadlines and the jet setting businessmen.

Contains water-soluble vitamins(B-complex and B-12), magnesium sulphate as well as Glutathione


200 ml R850
1000ml R900

Our most popular drip offering the best of all worlds! The benefits of the Supercharge include boosted immune system, increased energy, enhanced mood,  optimised performance and improved skin tone while rehydrating and detoxing your body. High dose Glutathione included.

The Afterparty

1000ml R650

This drip is ideal for the morning after The Night Before, very popular for all forms of overindulgence! It is very popular after-work functions, those special birthday celebrations, anniversary evenings and bachelor parties.
We also offer a house-call service at the venue of your choice, group bookings rates may apply.

Sports Recovery

1000ml R800

For all avid sportsman! With added electrolytes to quickly restore and hydrate your body quickly and effectively to that prerace state. Professional athletes should consult their respective sports body before booking for this drip.

Skin Glow

200 ml R690

Rewind time and restore your youthful glow with our skin-brightening drip. Helps to reduce pigmentation for a more even skin tone. High dose Glutathione included.

Skin Lightening

200ml R750

The use of a double dosage of Glutathione to reduce skin pigmentation has become extremely popular and high in demand all over the world!


1000ml R750

Detoxify your body, fight off pesky infections, relieve stress, clear mucus build up, unblock congestion, kick start weight loss & cleanse your body of toxins & free radicals. Detoxifying antioxidants keep toxins and free radicals in check.

Pre-Race Performance

1000 ml R750

Boost your performance with a tailor-made, optimum hydration pre-race drip, combined with added magnesium, glutamine to support muscle function and recovery during extreme conditions. Extremely effective to combat cramps due to vigorous use of muscles and muscle fatigue. Assist with a rapid recovery.

Fat Attack

200ml R800

Consisting of L-Carnitine, glutamine & B Vitamins. This drip breaks down fat & converts it into energy also improves exercise performance. Let’s assist you reach your weight loss goals.

A.L.A (Alpha-lipoic acid)

200ml R950

Alpha-lipoic acid is one of the most powerful antioxidants known. Let’s assist you in shedding those unwanted kgs and get your body healthier in the process. This antioxidant IV has a number of benefits from reducing the signs of aging, increasing energy levels, boosting your metabolism, strengthening your immune system to ridding your body of stored fat.

ADD the following to any of our DRIPS for R200

Trace Elements

Trace elements and minerals are required by our bodies for various functions in small quantities, which are obtained from the food we eat and / or our dietary supplements.

Made up of Zinc, 10 Selenium, Copper, Manganese and Chromium.


Improves hair and nail growth, boosts energy levels, increases your metabolism, lowers cholesterol levels and stabilizes blood sugar.


This amino acid helps regulate blood pressure and may benefit people with diabetes. It is known to increase testosterone levels. In women it is known to stimulate follicle growth as well as support healthy estrogen metabolism.

Custom - from R850

Come meet with our onsite doctor and discuss your personal needs and requirements, we order our products from leading pharmaceutical companies across South Africa and can provide you with customised care. Often requested are for Iron deficiencies and Osteoporosis