Welcome to the era of THE GOLDEN NUCLEOTIDE!

NAD+ allows us to take our quest to maximize your body’s natural performance one step further.

Imagine a world where we can tap into our bodies on a cellular level, influencing mitochondrial function to produce more energy and helping with the repair of DNA… YES, it is happening! Due to current ongoing studies focusing on the effect of NAD on our health, the gap between science and fiction is rapidly getting smaller.

Fun facts

  • NAD+ is a co-enzyme produced naturally by your body.
  • NAD+ forms an essential part of your metabolism and the functioning of other key molecules.
  • NAD+ is key to the conversion of your dietary nutrients into ENERGY.
  • NAD+ plays a critical part in DNA REPAIR.
  • NAD+ is needed to activate a protein group called SIRTUINS. Without NAD+ sirtuins are rendered completely inactive, theoretically meaning death in 30 seconds!


They are NAD+ dependent enzymes that modulate the activities of target proteins, mediate changes in the metabolic status of cells and regulate diseases of ageing, including neurodegeneration, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.


As we get older, the natural levels of NAD produced by our bodies, decline. The quicker they decline, the faster we age.

NAD is one of the most exciting and promising molecules being studied in the world today


The following benefits are currently under investigation:

  • Delayed Aging Process, With Associated Impact On Lifespan, Quality Of Life And Skin Aging
  • Delayed Development Of Certain Chronic Diseases (Including Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Increased Energy Or Reduction Of Fatigue (Including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Jetlag And Burnout)
  • Brain Regeneration With Improvement In Cognitive Function, Memory And Mental Clarity
  • Cell Nuclear DNA Repair
  • Lessening Of Withdrawal Symptoms From Alcohol And Drug Addiction
  • Reduction Of Stress, Depression And Anxiety Symptoms
  • Restoration Of Neurological Function (Especially In Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s Disease)
  • Restoring Muscle Strength And Function Related To Age And Sport Induced Injuries (Ps: The Improvement In Physical Performance Of Athletes Are Contributed To A Combination Of Nad’s Ability To Boost Energy, Strengthen Muscles, Improve Healing As Well As Enhanced Cognitive Function)
  • Supporting Weight Loss
  • Support In Liver Function (Detox)
  • Reduction In Chronic Pain Due To Anti-Inflammatory Action